Victory In Alameda As China’s Flag Is A No Show!


Awesome Rally today at Alameda City Hall with Tibetans and supporters coming together to tell the Mayor and her colleagues that China’s flag was not welcome in the City and to make clear their opposition to the planned ceremony which was to honor China’s Government, despite that regime’s harrowing record of oppression and human rights violations. According to reports our friends on Facebook received from Bay Area Friends Of Tibet

” The Mayor and the Chinese Consul General Yuan scheduled to appeared decided not to show up!
The Chinese organizers canceled the event not long after it started because SF Team Tibet showed up and vocally protested…”

Respect to everyone who made it to the protest their presence surely ensured a just and rightful victory, such efforts though did not go without the amazing support of many good-hearted people who offered their time and solidarity to lobby the Mayor’s office. Mention too must be made of the hacktivist group Anonymous who reported on Twitter and Facebook that as part of ‘Operation Tibet’ and ethical action supporting human rights they had taken offline the website of Alameda City Hall.

Once again in working in harmony and with determination values of freedom and democracy have prevailed over what would have been a very troubling appeasement of China and its regime. To everyone at @tibetruth, our friends and subscribers around the world and the fabulous support we have on Twitter thank YOU one and all. Remember together we make the difference!

PS: To the local media, who sat in silence, or offered little but criticism and excuses shame upon you for not having the journalistic courage to report on this issue.

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9 thoughts on “Victory In Alameda As China’s Flag Is A No Show!”

  1. The flag and national anthem of China represents the people of China, not the Communist Party of China (CPC). Many Chinese people have suffered miserably from the actions of the CPC such as political and religious persecution. To protest against the CPC by opposing the display of the flag of China would be to associate the actions of the CPC with the people of China. This is a demonstration of flawed logic and racism. Shame on those who participated in this racist act.

    1. The flag and national anthem were created to formally launch and constitute the founding of Communist China and it’s tyrannical Government. Indeed you are correct in observing that the people of China are suffering greatly as a result of the totalitarian regime which so associates itself with that flag. To assert that this flag is not representing that psychopathic authority is like trying to disassociate wetness from water!

      1. Wetness can mean to be covered in liquid, not just water. Trying to oppose the raising of the flag which is also a representative of the people is like coming to the conclusion that because something wet definitely is water, and not another liquid chemical.

        The US government plays the anthem of China and displays its flag when the president meets China’s president, but it would be absurd to say that the US government supports what the Chinese government does simply because it played its anthem and raised its flag.

      2. Plain fact is that the US does indeed endorse the Chinese regime through its policy of appeasement, as to it honoring the Chinese flag note that is done precisely because it is a symbol of the Chinese government and state. As an act it may well be a diplomatic protocol but it equally is honoring the Chinese regime. A shameful gesture which Alameda City authorities were prepared to do. The matter has now been fully explored, while you have been extend the right to reply, there will be no further exchange on the topic.

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