Chinese City Government Threatens To Kill Local Dog Population

A hot button issue on Twitter is the decision of the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI) to agree the hosting of the 2019 world dog show in of all places China. Yes, that’s right, the same country, culture and tyrannical political system that inflicts all sorts of cruelties against dogs. Not that such a disturbing reality has discouraged the FCI who are so keen to appease China’s regime they even decided to impose a name change upon Tibetan dogs that would see your Tibetan Terrier, Mastiff, Spaniel or Lhasa Apso become ‘Chinese’ breeds.

There is an understandable outrage among dog-owners, with petitions demanding that these decisions be revoked, meanwhile in China the city  government  of Jinan has issued a threat to residents to get rid of their pets or the authorities will destroy them.

Video report HERE:

Such is the enlightened attitude that the FCI chooses to ignore!

One thought on “Chinese City Government Threatens To Kill Local Dog Population

  1. If you want China to host the World Dog Show make them the governments in the cities like Junin to stop standing over families and stop killing their dogs. How can this be to host the World Dog Show at the same time in other cities in China are sending authorities to bludgeon to death the peoples pets, their beloved dogs. It’s obscene, it is so cruel to the people who love their dogs and so unnatural and brutally extreme to bludgeon them to death even in the open streets. Savagery. Cold evil savagery. Turning your policemen into disgraceful thugs. Shame on you! You say that China is different but they are not different no, not at all. They are immature and need to grow up set standards and learn and maintain principles and set them maintain them. We are in an age where information and communication is at our fingertips. Gone is the privlidged information only available to a select few who use it to dominate others. We all have access to the same information no matter what our political standing. None of us need be ignorant. We ALL have access to the same. There is no excuse now. Step up China we are in the 21 century and civilized kindness respect and care is expected not this barbaric ugliness. And all the cities who terrorize your people killing their dogs is wrong no matter what your ragime. .Cruelty fails . Love and kindness is the most powerful force in the universe. So please step up.

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