White House Rally Planned To Greet Chinese President

Student’s For Free Tibet are calling for folks to support a rally, September 25,  in Washington DC in protest at the visit of Chinese President Xi Jinping. The activist group issued the following statement on its Facebook page, anyone in the DC area or beyond who cares about Tibet, human rights and freedom get down and show some solidarity.


Join the protest against Xi Jinping’s visit to DC and call upon Obama to speak up against Xi’s brutal crackdown in Tibet.

WHAT: Protest Rally for Xi Jinping’s official visit to DC to meet President Obama
WHEN: 25 September 2015
WHERE: Washington DC, outside the White House

If you are coming from NYC, Register for the bus now:

Despite his failures in Tibet, Xi Jinping will be officially welcomed to the White House in Washington DC by President Obama in late September. And that is why Xi Jinping needs to hear our calls for freedom in Tibet loud and clear!

Save the date and join the protest on the ground in Washington on Sept. 25th. Let’s tell the man behind the crackdown against Tibetans in Tibet that he will be held accountable for his atrocities – that wherever he goes, his shame will follow him.

When Xi Jinping became China’s new leader in 2012, the world had high hopes that he would be a reformer. But, instead, under Xi Jinping’s rule, the brutal crackdown in Tibet has intensified and Tibetans in Tibet are living in a climate of fear and terror.

China is bullying world governments into avoiding to meet His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Together we have to ensure that Xi Jinping does not deserve a grand welcome in DC, when he meets President Obama at the end of September.

Right now, Tibetans in Tibet are risking everything to call for freedom in Tibet. We have a prime opportunity to amplify their message and force Xi Jinping to hear their calls. Join us in showing up in full force outside the White House when Xi Jinping visits.

Let’s take inspiration from Tibetans in Tibet and call directly on Xi Jinping to end the brutal occupation in Tibet. Save the date

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