China’s Terrorist Regime Endorses Russia’s Bombing In Syria

Graphic via @tibettruth

As civilians in Syria scramble for shelter from air-strikes and John Kerry announces that ‘we all know’ that bombing alone will not defeat terrorism, a clear indication of a willingness to get troops on the ground, China’s blood-soaked tyranny has declared support for Russia’s military strikes. The hypocrisy and cynicism of this announcement is breath-taking as China’s regime continues to violently oppress the people and culture of Tibet, East Turkistan and Southern Mongolia. Dirty politics, economic interests and regional strategy are pushing towards deeper military engagement, under the guise of securing stability and democracy for Syrians. It’s groundhog day folks.

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2 thoughts on “China’s Terrorist Regime Endorses Russia’s Bombing In Syria”

    1. As in the movie, where the character gets caught in a time loop. The analogy applies when thinking about the attacks and invasions of Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan.

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