Join Our Digital Activism For Tibet

A comment often made across social media by those with an interest or sympathy towards a free Tibet is ‘I wish I could do more’. Of course unless you are able to devote time and energy towards the issue the daily demands of life, family or work understandably tend to take priority. However that does not mean that what efforts you can make are not of merit, perhaps the most valuable contribution is to share, post and promote information, reports, images on Tibet. The reason such action is so critical is due in part to an information vacuum, arising from a mainstream media which often only superficially reports on Tibet or worse, simply repeats the official line of the Chinese regime.

So getting information out there which does expose the situation inside Tibet is vital, and a few minutes sharing such accounts across your social media sites or an a Blog is an important counterbalance to the relative absence of media coverage. Secondly, it should be remembered that many people on the internet are unaware about the plight of Tibet, sharing links, images and reports is therefore a really positive and powerful way to increase understanding and knowledge. Lastly by spending a few minutes on your favorite social media and posting information about how Tibetans suffer under the grim excesses of Chinese occupation challenges the lies and denials of China’s regime. That sure generates a warm glow!

Being a digital warrior for a free Tibet has never been easier, with a tap, swipe or click you can ensure, in only a moment, that your friends and fellow internet users have easy access to information that mainstream media either ignores or dilutes. So, please make sure to post and share articles, news and images from our Blog, Twitter, Facebook and Google+ accounts. Such support is deeply appreciated.

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