President Of The FCI Excuses & Defends China As Host Of 2019 World Dog Show


So what thus far has been the response of the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI) to international outrage that China, which allows the annual slaughter of dogs at Yulin, is to host the 2019 World Dog Show. What does the FCI say to global citizens who are dismayed and opposed to its agreement to rename traditional Tibetan dog breeds as being ‘Chinese’? Well here’s a statement from Mr Rafael de Santiago the President of the FCI as published by ‘Canine Chronicle’. We advise that these comments should be examined with a healthy degree of critique, especially the content hiding ‘between the lines’, which we have for purposes of clarification, plus it’s just too darn tough to resist,  offered a response to marked in red.

“Always attentive to the opinion of the breeders worldwide, we took note of the uproar concerning the attribution of the 2019 World Dog Show to China and to the decision regarding the country of origin of the following breeds : DO-KHYI (230), TIBETAN TERRIER (209), TIBETAN SPANIEL (231), LHASA APSO (227) and  SHIH TZU (208).

Whilst we understand the concern expressed by the breeders worldwide about both situations, the FCI wishes to inform that the decision to grant the organization of the WDS 2019 to China was taken by a decision of our General Assembly where 68 countries were present or represented and by a large majority of votes, in total transparency and according to the principles of democracy internationally recognised and accepted…..” (Emphasis added)

So on the fallacious pretext of democratic process even the most ethically unsound and morally dubious action is absolved of any principled and moral responsibility by virtue of a consensus? On that basis presumably the Mr de Santiago and the FCI would countenance the mass culling of stray dogs, and defend the decision by claiming a democratic mandate! Of course the FCI is using a straw-man defense here, but let’s return to his statement….


Mr de Santiago continues.….”That decision was made on basis of a very open and complete presentation made by our Chinese member, CKU, during which our Chinese member delegation has clearly mentioned the cultural differences between China and most of the other countries in the world.”  (Emphasis added)

Ah! Now where have we heard this line before? That’s right from the very same Chinese regime that permits the persecution and slaughter of dogs, inflicts a range of harrowing human rights atrocities against its own people, wages a genocidal assault against Tibet and its culture, violently denies free-speech, imposes a blanket of censorship across the media, administers a program of forced sterilizations, and runs a network of forced-labor camps where political and religious prisoners are being butchered for their organs! None of these harrowing realities bother the FCI which in a staggering example of credulity has swallowed the argument used by the Chinese authorities when it is regularly challenged on human rights issues, namely that the world needs to give China special consideration because it’s culture is ‘different’. In other words human rights are according to the torturers of Bejing specific and defined, not by universality, but cultural factors. We’ve been hearing this nauseating excuse for years, meanwhile the violations continue.


The President goes on...”The FCI sees it as an excellent opportunity to raise awareness among  the Chinese  population that the dog, our beloved friend, is a member of our families, a living entity and most of all Man’s best Friend”. (Emphasis added)

Anyone who read our previous post ‘China Is Not Fit To Host The 2019 World Dog Show’ may recall that we mentioned in that article how the FCI, like the International Olympic Committee and Governments worldwide, hides behind what has proved a failed and empty promise of ‘constructive engagement’ with China. This approach would have you believe that in working within China a moderating influence is exerted and the more odious excesses of the Chinese regime, or in the case of animal cruelty, are moderated. This jaded and threadbare justification has proved over and over to be utterly vacuous, the abuses continue, oppression, shootings and torture remain, while the suits of the IOC or the FCI wring their hands and offer platitudes about ‘improvements’ and ‘awareness’.


Mr de Santiago then says…In addition, we find it important to clarify that our Chinese member, CKU, is an FCI full member. As such, CKU has the right to ask to be the country of origin of the breeds indicated above.  It is important to know that any change in a breed standard can be implemented worldwide if and only if the FCI General Committee, following recommendations of the FCI Standards and Scientific Commissions, approves it.”. (Emphasis added)

Now we get down to it, in the above remark Mr de Santiago and the FCI openly acknowledges, and is endorsing that Tibet is; and presumably they would also agree, has been an inalienable part of China. In truth however that is a falsehood. Indeed in terms of international law Tibet remains an independent nation under an illegal occupation. That fact however does not concern the President of the FCI who ‘reasons’ that since these breeds are supposedly from within the ‘country of origin’ China therefore retains a right to rename the Lhasa Apso or Tibetan Terrier as more Chinese sounding titles. This line of thinking is effectively an endorsement of military aggression and colonization, which is precisely how Tibet was annexed by China in 1950. 

The FCI President concludes…Nowadays, the FCI is more than ever committed to the betterment and safeguard of the Dog and to promoting its welfare, love and respect in the four corners of the world.”


Really? What kind of double-think is going on here? So to protect the dogs of China, the most effective course of action is to collaborate with the world’s most heinous and blood-soaked regime and support hosting the World Dog Show in Shanghai? While in the very same country at Yulin and elsewhere countless numbers of dogs are being abused, tortured and killed. It’s rather like imagining the International Red Cross announcing in 1939 that in order to advance the rights of Polish Gypsies and Jews it will be attending a conference hosted, approved and financed by the National Socialist Party!

The full Canine Chronicle article may be read here





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37 thoughts on “President Of The FCI Excuses & Defends China As Host Of 2019 World Dog Show”

  1. Disgusting barbaric ppl there is no need for this cruelty all living breathing feeling just like us its heartbreaking th world shud shud them

  2. Hateful FCI are a dirty group of hippocrites who can only have been bribed by the the evil cruel Chinese scum. Any living being that can inflict torture suffering and pain on innocent creatures and such beautiful innocent loyal beings as these dogs only deserve the same to themselves. My faith in justice goodness compassion in humans has been shattered for ever by disgusting Chinese scum of this earth. Koreans Chinese Vietnamese Cambodians ….are the worst evil scum on this earth …exterminating these human vermin from this earth would make our planet a better place

  3. I will never, ever spend ant money as a tourist in China, or buy anything made in PRC….

  4. Ridiculous,how can it be intelligent to choose a nation know for animal cruelty (esp dogs)to host a gig show? Sheer insanity !!!!

  5. If you were dog lovers you would make it law to protect all the dogs in your country by stopping the yulin these beautiful loving loyal dogs

    1. BOYCOTT IS A WAY FOR MANY AVENUES OF PROTEST AGAINST THESE BARBARIANS. WE MUST boycott asian goods, Those who respect animals and those who are actively advocating for animal rights , must also be respected. BOYCOTT THIS FCI ‘ WORLD DOG SHOW’. IF NO ONE COMES IT WILL SHOW IT UP TO BE A DISGUSTING EXHIBITION OF TREACHERY TO DOGS AND THEIR PROTECTORS.

  6. Boycott the show – it is an outrageous decision and condones the barbaric cruelty that China inflicts on dogs and other animals. If no one attends, there will be no dog show. Make these horrific photos go viral and tell everyone to boycott China, Chinese products and a Chinese dog show. This is unacceptable in 2016.

  7. People should BOYCOTT this dog shows. Do not attend this event to show them solidarity. The organizers of this event are all for profit. Maybe, they were paid by these chinese idiots to hold this event there.

  8. Shocking of the President of the FCI @MrRafael_de_Santiago to defend hosts #China for the #2019WDS &excusing their genocidel regime against Tibet’s own culture&dog breeds while they permit the slaughter of millions & refuse animal welfare laws, along with a host of other atrosity’s. Shame on him.

  9. I you have a heart you cannot contemplate judging or attending the World Dog Show in China.

  10. Another fact which has surfaced since the original article was published is that many of the judges officiating at the WDS in 2019 in Shanghai belong to the top brass of the FCI… These judges will of course be the prime beneficiaries of Chinese hospitality, Gold cards, luxury hospitality, etc. The same hospitality will no doubt also be extended to the representatives of the various member-state kennel clubs who will participate in the general assembly of the FCI following the WDS… of course, there is absolutely no conflict of interest, or link between this profiteering and the vote to grant the CKU the organisation of the WDS….

  11. Dog owners and breeders should show their disapproval by boycotting the show.
    Hit them where it hurts, in their pockets.
    A low entry will show them that people are not prepared to accept the f.c.i. dismissal of the appalling cruelty that goes on in China.

  12. My dogs will always be Tibetan Lhasa Apsos.
    FCI just another corrupt entity. Boycott this World Dog Show, boycott China and Chinese goods. Shame on all judges that have accepted judging appointments at this show and any others held in China.

  13. My opinion about FCI is a point of frost.
    How disgusting must be the people who enter the WDS country where genocide dogs are going?
    Every year in China, 10,000,000 dogs torture to die. That’s the number of my country’s inhabitants!
    And it’s not dogs from farms. They are retired greyhounds, stolen pets – who dares to go to China with a dog when it is possible to be stolen and lived out of the skin?
    China is with me on a black list.
    FCI is with me on the Black List.
    And all the judges who are going there are with me on a black list !!!

  14. There’s no excuse for attending this event ,let there be empty rings for the judges who accepted such a dubious invitation. NO DOG OR ANIMAL LOVER SHOULD ATTEND IN ANY FORM(PARTICIPANT OR SPECTATOR).

  15. Reverse psychology which is how the FCI appear to be condoning the practices, is doomed for failure.
    These cultures will never change unless serious economic penalties affect their pockets.




  17. I will NEVER watch the dog show EVER again if they do go ahead with holding it in China. It’s not just dogs, it’s every kind of animal that is being tortured so what part is not clear….Until this damn country gets educated and stops the cruelty then symply host it somewhere else how hard of a decision can this be??

  18. Absolutely Disgusting, HOW DARE YOU ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN. THESE POOR DOGS WERE SOMEONES PETS ,!!! 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  19. This is absolutely disgusting. The people that organise the shows are as bad as. Hina if they think people will accept this.
    The Chinese are a vile cruel race that don’t understand compassion and feeling.
    The fact that you always see them smoking whilst carrying out the torture and killing of dogs says it all for me. They are sickened by the smell of death and disguise it by smoking. Im surprised they don’t wear ear defenders too to block out the screams of the animals.
    It is a foul horrible business and the only way to stop it is to boycott the country completely.
    I just wish we could remove all the animals before this happens.
    Attend the Workd Dig Show in China AT YOUR PERIL.

  20. it is a sick people without any humanity and compassion for the animals😠😠😠I’m sick of those Chinese people👎👎👎

  21. Barbaric so called humans. You disgust 🤢 me.. BOYCOTT CHINA.. ALL FOOD ALL MATERIALS.. EVERYTHING

  22. This is his defence all the above,they seem to think the world is blind to there treatment of animals and ignore our disgust at them,we see it all and it’s unexceptable they are a disgrace and need to stop the government corruption and make animal protection laws before they they should ever be allowed to host a dog show and the organisers of this show are a disgrace to animal lovers

  23. I would like to know who the countries are that signed China up for this years annual dog show while promoting their heinous crimes of torture while alive skinning, strung up so they can’t move a muscle while storing and
    Traveling to their markets. It’s nit just US that loves animals, it’s a human right case to be embraced worldwide because this is causing other violence among the children who witness these atrocities of animals.

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