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UK Showering Taxpayers’ Money On Chinese Regime’s Film Industry

Seeing just how far governments sink to kiss the ass of China’s regime fills anyone supportive of human rights and freedom with a sense of outrage and disappointment, the State Department, under the corrosive influence of a profit driven China lobby, consistently grovels to Chinese sensitivities. None though kowtow with the class of the British government. We heard sometime back that their Foreign and Commonwealth Office had effectively censored a Tibetan play scheduled to show in London. See HERE

Some snake-oil ‘justifications’ were offered by officials but the motives were obvious, don’t upset China, even if that requires censorship! Meanwhile it’s now been revealed that while that artistic production was being shut down and banned to English audiences their government had agreed to direct tax-payers money to fund the Chinese film industry! see HERE

Yep, you heard it right, the world’s second most powerful economy, run by a totalitarian dictatorship that operates through torture, executions, forced labor camps and censorship is considered a suitable case for British aid. This means that UK taxpayers are now investing directly to China’s ministry of propaganda!  How so? Recently Mr Wang Xiahui a long-serving Communist party bureaucrat, was appointed  top executive of the China Film Bureau, a key part of China’s State Council which ensures conformity to the objectives and policies of the Communist Party from  radio and television. Cinema and film management falls under the control of the Propaganda Department of the Communist Party’s Central Committee.




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