Children Of Tibet Face Another ‘Patriotic’ Brainwashing Program

Tibet's Children Face Another 'Patriotic' Brainwashing Program
Tibetan primary school children, targeted for brainwashing by China’s regime. Here they have been asked to draw what looks like a representation of Beijing’s Forbidden City complete of course with Chinese flags!

Image: chinacn

The indoctrination of Tibetan children by the occupying Chinese regime continues, one component of a strategy to eliminate Tibet’s cultural and national identity. Most folks justly would call it cultural genocide, but for the Chinese psychopaths who enforce such programs it’s regarded as promoting social stability and a devotion to the so-called Motherland.

In the latest example of this ethnic annihilation  Tibetans in a school located in Gyantse, U-Tsang region of Tibet are shortly to be ‘educated’ on the topic of patriotism, in other words a mindless devotion to the communist Chinese regime and the thoughts of Dictator Xi Jinping.

The brainwashing will target primary and middle school students via a new textbook, which the Global Times (one of China’s propaganda conduits) today claimed would “…integrate regional history and geography with moral education.”. Well doesn’t take too much intepretation to read between those totalitarian lines does it!

According to reports it also seeks to educate students on what’s laughingly described as the “integration and lineage of Han and Tibet cultures”. Maybe they can instruct the Tibetan children on the meaning of euphemism and disinformation!

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