Chinese Official Has Delusional Breakdown On Tibet’s Devotion To The Dalai Lama

Chinese Official Has Delusional Breakdown On Tibet's Devotion To The Dalai Lama
Wu Yingjie, Deluded Communist Party Head In U-Tsang Region Of Occupied Tibet.


Chinese Communist Party head for U-Tsang region of occupied Tibet, Wu Yingjie, had a breakdown on Wednesday, announcing to a robotic audience of party loyalists that the Dalai Lama hasn’t done a “single good thing” for the territory.

Exhibiting clear delusional behavior he insisted that Tibetans are “extremely grateful for the prosperity that the Communist Party has brought them.”. That’s like a serial arsonist arguing that his destructive and deadly obsession is deeply appreciated by local fire fighters!

Beyond the fantasies and denial Mr Yingjie felt that his claims required some supposedly ‘independent’ corroboration so he called upon a Tibetan stooge to declare that ‘there’s no such thing as adoration for the Dalai Lama among Tibetans’.

Such stage-managed deceptions and propaganda of the Chinese regime will never alter the reality that in each Tibetan heart burns a devotion to the Dalai Lama and a hope that once day Tibet will regain its national freedom. At that time then the truth will emerge, without fear of Chinese torture, prison or forced-labor camps!

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