The Meaning Of Tibet’s Flag

The Symbolism Of Tibet's Flag

Image: archivenet

When your country and culture has been invaded symbols take on a greater importance. Flags represent defiance and identity. A reminder of what is threatened, of the past, and future hopes. They serve as a center too, enabling also the expression of cultural and national unity.

For Tibetans all of the above and more apply to their national emblem, possession of, or displaying it in occupied Tibet gets you arrested, tortured and dispatched to a forced-labor camp.

During June 22 to 26 2022 Tibet’s flag will be raised at England’s Glastonbury Festival as an action supporting Tibet’s people, human rights and freedom.

Its design is beautiful and contains a rich symbolism, which is explained in the image above.

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A not-for-profit network of individuals who support justice, human rights and independence for the peoples of Tibet and East Turkestan. Based in a number of countries subscribers are actively engaged voluntarily and are wholly supportive and active on the issue of Tibetan independence. We are not a hierarchical organization, there are no offices, nor do we receive or pay salaries, we do not make money from merchandising sales, and rely upon the kindness of individual donors to finance ongoing research and campaigns.

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