China’s Psychological Assault On Tibet’s Children

One of the areas in which the Chinese regime excels in is its use of euphemism. Like all dictatorships it uses such language to dilute, distract and conceal the more odious of its policies and practices. This is important to remember when you are consuming mainstream media reports on Tibet, as they simply repeat the official Chinese narrative.

China's Psychological Assault On Tibet's Children

Image: @tibettruth/newscn

Take for example a report today, picked up by a number of news agencies and that ‘Education quality in Tibet’ has improved. Do you think that refers to student attainment, quality of teaching, educational progress? Of course it would reasonable that some may apply such an interpretation, which is the response the Chinese authorities were hoping to produce.

China's Psychological Assault On Tibet's Children

Image: @tibettruth/newscn

However what this cynical and sly propaganda is really celebrating when referring to ‘improvement’ is the sinicization of Tibetan children’s thinking and sense of personal and cultural identity. After all when we use the term ‘school’ as applying to China’s occupation of Tibet it’s important to be mindful of their central purpose and function. To groom Tibetan children into regarding themselves as Chinese citizens, loyal to Xi Jinping and China’s brutal regime,

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