Bill Supporting Tibetan Independence In US Congress Needs To Recognize All Of Tibet

Bill Supporting Tibetan Independence In US Congress Needs To Recognize All Of Tibet

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We are not sure as to the motive of Congressman Scott Perry whose bill  (H.R.6948) calls upon the President to recognize, what’s termed “China’s Tibet Autonomous Region of the People’s Republic of China…” as a separate, independent country

Presumably he is genuinely concerned for the plight of Tibetans under the brutal and illegal rule of China’s regime, such solidarity is course much welcomed. However in its present form the bill is seriously flawed in failing to recognize that Tibet consists of not only of the so-called ‘Tibet Autonomous Region’ but is formed of three historic regions, Namely,  U-Tsang, Amdo and Kham.

It is these areas in which the Tibetan people live, lands which have been home to Tibet’s cultural and national identity for millennia.

In excluding Amdo and Kham from his bill the Congressman is effectively abandoning several million Tibetans to a dangerous and uncertain fate. Denying them a just national freedom and liberties advocated for the truncated region designated in his proposal.

This is not a just or tenable solution and we wonder what inspired Scott Perry to frame his proposal in such a divisive and exclusionary manner. Was it ignorance of Tibet’s history, did he not realize the extent of Tibetan territory?

Whatever the facts or objectives behind this proposal its present form is ill-conceived, unjust and an abandonment of Tibetans in Kham and Amdo, who have the same right to Tibetan national independence as their compatriots in U-Tsang.

We urge Congressman Perry to review the wording of his bill,  and withdraw it pending such a revision until such time as its recognition of Tibet’s national sovereignty includes the three regions of Tibet.

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